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In the fierce realm of basketball, where the court becomes a battleground and every dribble holds the promise of triumph, one brand stands tall—Adidas. The “Best Adidas Basketball Shoes” are not merely footwear; they are an embodiment of fear-inducing excellence. As players lace up these sneakers, they step into a legacy of innovation and dominance that sends shivers through opponents.

From the iconic three stripes to cutting-edge technology, Adidas has crafted a line of basketball shoes that commands respect and instills fear on the hardwood. In this exploration of the dynamic world of basketball footwear, we navigate through the evolution of Adidas’s signature shoe line, unveiling the fear factor that makes these sneakers a formidable choice. Get ready to uncover the best Adidas basketball shoes, where performance meets intimidation, empowering players to leave their mark on the court with the unmistakable aura of the three stripes.

Our Top 10 Picks

These are our top 10 picks for the best Adidas basketball shoes in the current market.

Experience the best of both worlds with the Adidas Marquee Boost basketball shoe. This shoe offers you amazing cushioning so you can experience the ultimate comfort and support on the court. With its Boost cushioning, you will get the best in impact protection and responsiveness for your every move. 

The Adidas Marquee Boost has been designed from the ground up with advanced technologies. 

It utilizes a Boost midsole to provide you with incredible cushioning and support for each step. 

The lightweight fabric is breathable and allows for maximum flexibility and range of motion. 

The only downside to this shoe is that it can have inconsistent traction on dustry courts, but it’s known to provide better traction elsewhere.

The Adidas Marquee Boost is the perfect shoe for those looking for the best in cushioning, support, and responsiveness. 

With its advanced cushioning and support, you can be sure to feel the most comfortable while playing basketball. 

The sleek and modern design make it a great addition to any basketball wardrobe. 



  • Comfortable shoe due to Boost Cushioning technology
  • Responsive and lightweight
  • Provides good impact protection
  • Inconsistent traction on dustry courts

Adidas T-Mac Millenium basketball shoe is the perfect shoe for the basketball enthusiast. Built with a herringbone traction pattern and boost cushioning, these shoes provide amazing traction and cushioning no matter where you play. 

The boost cushioning helps reduce impact on your feet while also providing a responsive and comfortable ride. 

The solid cushioning keeps you comfortable and supported while taking a beating during play. 

Not only that, but the traction pattern helps give you the grip you need to stay agile and on your feet. 

The downside is that they won’t be the best for outdoor use and they require some breaking in before they really become comfortable. 

Nevertheless, the Adidas T-Mac Millenium basketball shoe is a great choice for anyone looking for a solid basketball shoe to help them keep their game on top.



  • Comfortable shoe due to Boost Cushioning technology
  • Herringbone traction pattern
  • Provides good impact protection, responsiveness, and support
  • Bad for outdoor play
  • Takes a while to break in

The Adidas Harden Vol. 4 basketball shoe is the perfect pick for those who want a lightweight and durable shoe that delivers solid cushioning and traction for an unbeatable on-court experience. 

This Harden model is the first to not use Boost Cushioning, but the Lightstrike cushioning instead provides a responsive and comfortable ride that’s sure to keep you performing at your best throughout the game. 

Plus, the fit of the Vol. 4 is designed with a supportive base for added stability. All of this combined makes the Vol. 4 the perfect basketball shoe for those looking for a lightweight fit that still offers the necessary cushioning and support for professional-level play. 

So make sure to pick up a pair of Adidas Harden Vol. 4s and you’ll be ready to take your game to the next level!



  • Good Support & fit 
  • Lightstrike cushioning makes shoe comfortable, lightweight and responsive
  • Good traction
  • Bad for outdoor play
  • Doesn’t use Boost Cushioning like other Harden shoes

The Adidas Dame 7 basketball shoe is the perfect choice for any position on the court. Its lightweight construction and cushioning make it great for outdoor use and its rubber outsole gives you excellent traction to cut and move quickly. 

Plus, the Lightstrike foam provides excellent cushioning and low to the ground court feel so you never feel weighed down no matter how hard you play. 

And while the materials aren’t the most premium, you’ll still enjoy great quality and durability without spending a fortune. 

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a casual player, the Adidas Dame 7 will provide you with the performance you need to help you reach your peak on the court.



  • Perfect for any position
  • Lightstrike Foam
  • Great Outdoors
  • Material could be better

Introduce your game to a whole new level of performance with the Adidas Pro Vision Basketball Shoe. This shoe provides amazing support and cushioning, to keep you comfortable while taking on the court. 

Featuring Boost cushioning in the midsole for ultimate energy return and impact protection, this shoe also features a padded collar and tongue for added comfort. 

The full-length rubber outsole ensures durability and grip on any court surface, making it perfect for indoor play. 

While the materials used don’t give the shoe a very premium look, it still looks modern and stylish. 

Unfortunately, this shoe isn’t the best option for outdoor play as the outsole is not as durable for the rough surfaces. 

This shoe is a great choice for those who seek comfort and performance on the court.



  • Comfortable due to boost cushioning
  • Amazing support
  • Provides good impact protection
  • Materials look cheap
  • Not good for outdoor play

The Adidas Harden Stepback basketball shoe is the perfect choice for the serious baller who wants quality features at an affordable price. This shoe will provide you with the support and traction you need to stay in control of the court. 

From its comfortable fit to its solid herringbone traction pattern, you’ll be sure to feel secure, no matter the situation. 

And when you’re done on the court, you’ll be glad that cleaning up the Adidas Harden Stepback will be a breeze. 

The only downside to this shoe is that it picks up dust easily, so you’ll want to be sure to clean them off regularly. 

But that shouldn’t stop you from picking up a pair of these beauties. 

With their affordability and design, the Adidas Harden Stepback is the perfect choice for basketball players of any skill level.



  • Herringbone traction pattern provides excellent traction
  • Good support
  • Affordable
  • Picks up dust easily

The Adidas Harden Vol.2 basketball shoe is a powerful and reliable basketball shoe with incredible cushioning and impact protection. Perfect for heavier players, the shoe features Boost cushioning, which has a higher energy return than standard foam cushioning and is great for charging up and down the court. 

Plus, the shoe’s boost cushioning does an amazing job of protecting your feet from hard landings without compromising stability. 

Unfortunately, the heft of these shoes may be a bit of an issue for some players, as there is a bit of weight, but it should not be a big problem for the vast majority. 

All in all, the Adidas Harden Vol.2 basketball shoe is an excellent choice for any serious basketball player looking for a reliable and long-lasting shoe.



  • Very comfortable due to Boost Cushioning Technology
  • Good traction
  • Good impact protection
  • Shoe is heavy and meant for heavier players

The Adidas Dame 5 basketball shoe is an all-time great for outdoor courts. Featuring solid traction, cushioning and support, these shoes will bring your game to the next level. 

With full-length bounce cushioning, you can be sure you’ll have the support and impact protection you need to take on any game. 

This shoe is extremely supportive and fits like a glove, while providing a responsive feel that won’t keep you from making your moves. 

The only downside to the Adidas Dame 5 are that they can be a bit sluggish when playing on courts with a lot of dust. 

Still, these shoes offer top-notch performance that can’t be beat for outdoor use.



  • Very comfortable due to Boost Cushioning Technology
  • Good support, traction and fit
  • Good impact protection
  • Bad on dusty courts

The Adidas Crazy Explosive PrimeKnit 2017 basketball shoe is the perfect match for the discerning athlete seeking a shoe with great stability, solid traction, and cushioning. It is constructed with a combination of Primeknit and synthetic materials, lined with reinforced fabric and perforated ventilation holes to ensure a perfect fit and air-filled comfort during those hard court workouts. 

The full-length Boost midsole provides the perfect blend of support and cushioning, with plenty of energy return while the OrthoLite insole absorbs shock and keeps your feet feeling fresh. 

The outsole is made with a mix of herringbone rubber and a mid-foot torsion bar for reliable traction and stability on any surface. 

The negative is that breaking in the upper can take a while, but once it does, you’ll love the feel. 

Get the Adidas Crazy Explosive PrimeKnit 2017 shoe today and bring your A-game to the court.



  • Solid traction and cushioning
  • Shoe fits perfectly
  • Great stability
  • Upper takes a while to break into

The Adidas Pro Bounce 2018 basketball shoe is the perfect combination of comfort, performance, and style. Featuring a durable upper that stands up to outdoor play, the Pro Bounce 2018 offers solid traction and cushioning to ensure your every step and pivot is supported and comfortable. 

The bounce cushioning in the heel and midsole offers an extra layer of protection and comfort, while the lacing system and fit ensure a customizable and snug fit. 

Whether you’re playing point guard or center, these shoes are designed to give you an extra edge on the court. 

The only downside may be that the material feels a bit cheaper than other basketball shoes. 

But, when it comes to performance, the Pro Bounce 2018 is second to none. 

So, if you’re looking for a stylish shoe that will give you the support and cushioning you need to excel at your best position, the Adidas Pro Bounce 2018 is the perfect choice!



  • Durable
  • Good support and fit
  • Boost cushioning gives the shoe strong cushioning and traction
  • Materials feel cheap

Basketball Shoes Buyers Guide - What to Look Out For

When buying basketball shoes, there are things you need to look out for. We’ll discuss some of them below.

1. The Upper

Uppers come in three heights which are listed below.

High-Tops: Offer the most support since in surrounds the ankle. They are hence heavier than mid-tops and low-tops. Recommended for larger players like forwards and centers to relieve strain on feet and ankles.

Mid-Tops: Offer less ankle support than high-tops. Mid-Tops are great for players who play multiple positions on the court.

Low-Tops: Offer little to no ankle support. This lack of ankle support is made up in the speed and quickness that low-tops provide. Low-Tops are perfect for quick players such as guards or defenders.

2. The Midsole

The midsole is key in a shoe since it provides the cushioning of a shoe. Common types of midsoles are listed below.

EVA Midsole: Ethylene-vinyl acetate midsoles in basketball shoes are lightweight and offer excellent cushioning and shock absorption. They provide comfort and responsiveness which is crucial for reducing the impact on your feet during high-impact movements in the game.

Full-Length Phyloam Foam Midsole: These midsoles provide exceptional impact protection and energy return, offering superior comfort and support during intense gameplay.

3. The Outsole

The outsole is crucial as is provides the shoe’s traction. Bad traction can not only cause limited performance in games, but also injuries. Choosing the right outsole is key to avoiding bad performances and injuries in games. Some key things to look out for in the outsole are listed below.

Material: Look for basketball shoes with thick and durable rubber outsoles to ensure maximum traction.

Traction Pattern: The herringbone pattern on outsoles are what to look out for when seeking shoes with great traction.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are a professional basketball player or a casual enthusiast, you will need the best basketball shoe to ensure excellent performance on the court. The best basketball shoes have excellent traction and great cushioning.

Still unsure if Adidas basketball shoes are right for you? Check out our post which analyzes the features of Adidas basketball shoes.